• Machine Gun & Destructive Devices Repair

We offer a full range of registered machine gun repair, destructive device repair, as well as, most other firearms. If a replacement part is needed, we will most often use an original replacement, however, if it can’t be found, we will make a new one!

• Estate / Collection Purchasing

Whether you want to sell an entire collection up front, or consider a consignment sale, USAC will listen to your offer no matter how big or small! Please feel free to contact us today regarding your collection processing needs.

• Weapons Refinishing

Bluing, parkerizing, phosphate, and more finishes are available through our company. We will quote anything from 1 - 5,000 piece lots. Normally considered under our repair department’s services, the smaller orders will be quoted under our repair rates. However, larger orders or orders from other manufacturers will be quoted on a job by job basis depending on the size and complexity of the pieces.

• Prototyping and Design

As you might be able to tell from our products list, US Armament prides itself on bringing historical pieces back to the modern world. If you have an idea, TDP, blueprints, etc., that should be brought back, please let us know. Send an email!