1877 Gatling Gun

U.S. Armament Corp is proud to manufacture the museum quality reproduction of the classic Model Colt 1877 Bulldog Gatling Gun. The gun is fully operational & built from the original Gatling drawings & specifications. The Colt 1877 is a 5 or 10 barreled, fully brass encased direct drive gun. The barrel length is 18 1/4” and the overall length of the gun is 34”. The feeding device is the Bruce Feed design which is not a magazine but a gravity fed device.

Included with each gun is an accessory package of 5 Wooden Loading Blocks, 1 original style Bolt Tool, Crank Handle spacer, 3 transit chests and barrel alignment tools for reassembly after cleaning. Every gun is checked for quality and test fired before being shipped. The caliber is 45-70 govt. and the rate of fire can be as high as 1000 rounds per minute. The gun transfers the same as a standard long gun. It also includes a V notched rear sight, graduated to 1000 yards.

Every gun is equipped with a beautiful iron & brass tripod with legs of solid ash. Whether you are an avid shooter or a serious collector, the Model Colt 1877 Bulldog Gatling Gun would be an extraordinary addition to round out the most extensive collection. In addition, U.S. Armament Corp offers a limited 1 year warranty on all parts & labor.



Weight (Gun):  5 Barrel - 135 lbs.
10 Barrel - 170 lbs.
Weight (Carriage): 150 lbs.
Height (Carriage): 38 inches (wheel)
Length (Carriage): 60 inches
Number of Barrels: 5 or 10
Barrel Length: 18 1/4 inches
Barrel Twist Rate: 1 turn in 22 inches
Ammunition Type: .45-70 Govt.
Rate of Fire:  5 Barrel - 800 RPM
10 Barrel - 1200 RPM


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